Student Chapters


The Foundation for Veterinary Dentistry (FVD) invites students to become members of the Student Chapters of the FVD.

The mission and purpose of the SCFVD is:

  • To increase awareness of veterinary dentistry and oral surgery within the veterinary student population
  • To elevate the quality of, and increase opportunities for, veterinary dental education at veterinary colleges
  • To work cooperatively with other student organizations
  • To work cooperatively with the American Veterinary Dental College (AVDC),  Veterinary Dental Educator Group (VDE), and the Foundation for Veterinary Dentistry (FVD)
  • To increase awareness of the FVD and to encourage continued membership of students after graduation from veterinary school

Thank you to our
2024 Titanium Member Contributors

Dr. Josephine Banyard

Dr. Cynthia Bell

Dr. Cindy Charlier

Companion Animal Dentistry of Kansas City

Dr. William Gengler

Dr. Paul Hobson


Dr. Stephen Juriga

Dr. Kenneth Lee

Dr. Milinda Lommer

Dr. Katherine Queck 


Dr. Gonzalo Erdozain

Dr. Bonnie Shope