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Make Me Smile Shelter Grant Program

Making Shelter animals more adoptable since 2013.

Make Me Smile Program Shelter Dentistry Grant Initiative

The Outreach Committee of the Foundation for Veterinary Dentistry (FVD) is accepting applications from shelter organizations who provide medical services under the supervision of a veterinarian, for grant money towards purchasing the necessary dental equipment to help make pets more adoptable. Along with the funds to acquire the dental equipment, high-speed dental delivery and dental radiography for instance, the Foundation will also organize a full-day, on-site educational and hands-on training event for the clinical staff with a Boarded Veterinary Dentist and Veterinary Technician Specialist (Dentistry) to ensure they are confident and competent in their clinical dentistry skills.

The Foundation’s Make Me Smile Program has performed similar missions for the last 10 years but has found that the funds to acquire the proper dental equipment is the main obstacle for moving forward with an otherwise motivated and enthusiastic shelter team who recognizes that providing basic dental care to their shelter population is not only good medicine, but also helps improve the adoptability of their animals.

Grant applications will be considered annually and awarded on a competitive basis based on deliberations of the Outreach Committee and Board of Directors of the FVD.  In 2024, the grant amount will be $20,000. The grant deadline was May 1st, and the application process is now closed. Grant winner announcements should be made available by the end of June 2024.


The MMSP mission conducted on Sat 1-20-2024 was in support of the Auburn Valley Humane Society and held at their Northwest Spay & Neuter Center in Tacoma, WA, 6401 Pacific Ave Tacoma, WA 98408. (Dr. Emily Purvis is the Director of Veterinary Services and will send their PR releases to us once completed with photos etc.)

Dr. Amy Rossi and Nancy Stewart, LVT, RVT provided lectures and training in periodontal treatment to approximately 16 members of the staff at both locations which included veterinarians and technicians. Dr. Rossi has provided the following comment:

“The mission went well.  We had some lectures in the morning and then practiced radiographs in the afternoon. We did not do COHATS with the staff but went over all the steps. We and all the attendees had a good time”. 

Dr. Emily Purvis shared the following:

“I wanted to reach out to all of you and extend a gigantic thanks on behalf of the NWSNC and AVHS teams.  I have received so much positive feedback on the education event.  Dr. Rossi is an excellent teacher and creates such a welcoming and safe environment for learning.  Nancy is an incredibly patient trainer for x-rays, positioning, and industry best practice.  Everyone has been incredibly grateful for the opportunity. So many smiles and discussion even days after the event. The curriculum was perfect in teaching strong foundational learning for COHAT assessment and really left staff feeling confident and primed to take on additional learning.  I couldn’t have asked for a better day!”

Emily D. Purvis, DVM, MBA | Director of Veterinary Services
Auburn Valley Humane Society | auburnvalleyhs.org
Northwest Spay & Neuter Center | nwspayneuter.org
6401 Pacific Ave | Tacoma, WA 98408 | (253) 627-7729

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