Starting A New Student Chapter


Are you a veterinary student interested in making a difference?

Start a Student Chapter of the Foundation for Veterinary Dentistry at your Veterinary College and be part of our mission.

student chapter fvd membership benefits:

  1. ANNUALLY: One free set of the Compendium (Foundations, Step by Step 1, and Step by Step 2 texts) for one student member per participating veterinary college (while supplies last). Local chapter leaders select the student, encouraged to reward individual effort, enthusiasm, and accomplishments through projects like dental or writing initiatives.
  2. ONCE: One free set of the Compendium (Foundations, Step by Step 1, and Step by Step 2 texts) for each new SCFVD chapter (while supplies last).
  3. One renewing subscription to the Journal of Veterinary Dentistry (JOVD) for each student chapter.
  4. Newly established SCFVD chapters receive a $500 first-year and $250 second-year stipend upon successful submission of club information and annual reports. Stipends support SCFVD expenses and benefit students’ dental education. A prototype SCFVD Constitution and Bylaws document is available for new chapters’ use.
  5. Preferential consideration in the FVD University Grant program, offering annual grants of $15,000-$20,000 to veterinary schools to enhance dentistry curriculum/materials/equipment.
  6. The Foundation collects donations earmarked for Student Chapters, funds collected by December 31st are distributed equally among active chapters the following year, with additional funds for clubs with Dental Diplomate and Fellows Sponsors.
  7. All Veterinary Medical students are encouraged to attend the annual Veterinary Dental Forum (www.VeterinaryDentalForum.org). A highly reduced registration fee of $75 is offered to students for full registration (does not include CE form; labs are additional cost). A four-hour DVM student laboratory is also offered exclusively to students for $50 (a $527 value).
  8. All Veterinary Medical graduates can attend the annual Veterinary Dental Forum (www.VeterinaryDentalForum.org) for ~30% off the cost of regular registration for three years post graduation.

Thank you to our
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