Apr 18, 2019 | News, Student Chapters, Student News

From WSU Dental Club

I wanted to write you to thank you on the behalf of Washington State University’s Veterinary Dental Club for the very generous donation we received this week!

Most of our club money goes towards wet labs for students. As it stands, our veterinary curriculum does not give all students the opportunity to practice dental radiography, nerve blocks, prophylactic cleanings, and extractions. Our club is designed to offer these opportunities in the form of wet labs to the students who aren’t lucky enough to have made it into the third-year elective lottery. Because of this, we have noticed a growing popularity of our club among all students! We hope to start a feline-focused extraction lab in the future, as currently our labs are more dog focused.

Club money also goes towards lunch lectures. Our club will fund lunch for dues paying members while we listen to a dentistry-focused lecture of any topic. Last week, we had an exotics dentistry lunch lecture! Many lectures also instruct students on specific techniques for various wet labs.

Again, thank you for the incredibly kind donation.

WSU CVM Dental Club Treasurer
Class of 2020 DVM Candidate