Student Chapters Update

Apr 26, 2021 | News, Student Chapters, Student News


From Colorado State University:
Summary of club activities for last year:
Dr. Anna Fails lectured students on the dental anatomy of canines, felines, equids, bovids, and more. We offered dinner burritos to members who were able to attend this lecture. Dr. Ellen Lowery from VOHC gave an online lecture on how dental products are certified, many students loved this new presentation and received a Grubhub gift card for attending. Dr. Naomi Hoyer and Dr. Vaca helped guide students with dental extractions on canine cadavers. Dr. Vaca discussed Feline Oral Resorptive lesions and stomatitis with our members via Microsoft Teams in a separate event. We had Dr. Jen Kelley and Dr. Vaca assist students with extractions in a separate wet-lab that was focused on the students’ goal, whether the student wanted to extract all teeth, one tooth, suture, fix fistulas, and more was completely up to them. Dr. Patrick Vall gave a fantastic lecture on common oral pathologies also.

Any comments about the Forum from those who attended?
The forum was fantastic! I cannot wait until I get to go in-person. The proceedings were very helpful as I refer to them often to learn about new discoveries in the growing dentistry field.

From University of Florida CVM:
Summary of club activities for last year:
In the last year we have hosted the following meetings
-Dental radiographs wet lab
-Marketing Dentistry discussion
-Fear Free
-Entyce (Elanco) meeting
-VetCor – Behavioral problems in general practice
-Flea/Vector-borne diseases

Louisiana State University SVM:
Summary of club activities for last year:
The club had several labs scheduled which all had to be cancelled due to COVID

University of Minnesota
What are the goals for this club for this school year?
Provide lectures on dentistry and hands on dental charting/ extraction labs. Provide opportunities to learn from a variety of boarded dentists and to inform club members on dental cases they will face out in practice.

One lunch lecture/month,
Guest lecture – Dr. Kuhle/Wefel on equine dentistry
Guest lecture – zoo dentistry
Guest lecture – Dental Radiography and Advanced Dental Radiography with Dr. Vicari
Guest lecture – Dental Emergencies with Dr. Goldschmidt
Pre-Lab Charting lecture
Pre-Lab Extraction methods/flap lecture

2 wet lab pending resources available.
Dental Charting (fall)
Dental extraction (fall/spring)