Spring Session-24 Hours of Dental Education for Students

Oct 5, 2018 | News, Student Chapters

Online Registration for Spring 2019 is OPEN.
All veterinary students welcome to register!

Online registration and payment for either group registrations (where you can upload your entire class list in one online form) or individual registrations. The cost this year is $35 per student.

Class/group registrations. This is a basic online registration form that will collect your name (as the faculty contact) and school information. At the end of the form, you will be able to upload your Excel file for the VDE class. The form will ask you how many students you are enrolling and will calculate the payment based on the number enrolled. You may enroll as many students as you wish, there is no maximum limit as to the number we can accept. Please use this link to access the group registration form.

Individual registrations. If you would prefer each student to enroll on their own (perhaps they are paying for the course individually or you do not need the grade reports) then they may register as individual students. You may also share this link with other dentistry clubs who are not enrolled in the course. Please use this link to access the individual registration form.

As always, if you are using the group option, please submit all of your students in ONE spreadsheet. Fall students will have access until January 6, 2019, however any student who needs to complete the course by the end of December is welcome to do so. The online form will open for Spring enrollment after the fall enrollment period has ended.  

Important dates for the 2018-2019 VDE Sessions

Spring VDE Dates
DEADLINE: January 13, 2019    Names due
Late submissions cannot be accepted
Submit all names at ONCE using the online form or you may submit via email to ope@vetmed.illinois.edu
(This is very important. Due to the process we follow to enroll students, it is imperative that I have everyone from your school submitted at once.)

January 22, 2019    Names entered and enrolled
Enrollment messages sent
May 12, 2019    Last day of spring access


How do I enroll my students?
Each of the selected schools may submit as many students as you would like in the course. Each student will be enrolled at a rate of $35 that will be collected on the online registration and payment form. If you need other payment options, please contact us and we will work with you to arrange those.

Please use the attached Excel document to collect and submit your enrollment information. Please fill out each field for each and every enrollee that you submit to us. [NOTE: We will assign the UserID and Passwords and communicate this information to the students, so you do not need to complete either of these fields.]

We will need all of this information to enroll the students and to be able to efficiently communicate with them. This document should be uploaded to the online registration form or sent ope@vetmed.illinois.edu by the end of the day on Monday August 27, 2018 for the Fall session. This deadline is very firm. The information that you submit will be kept confidential and used only to communicate information about this program; we, too, are a veterinary school and understand the confidentiality issues that surround students.

Also, please submit all of your names for each semester at one time. Because there are numerous schools participating, it could be very easy to misplace a name. So, when you submit your names for a given semester, please make sure that you have everyone who will be participating in that semester.

The enrollment process is very time consuming, so we will do our best to have all of the students enrolled by the end of the day on Tuesday, September 4, 2018. They will then have until the end of the day on Sunday, January 6, 2019, to complete all of the modules.

What’s the next step?
Once we have your students enrolled, we will send them an email with specific instructions for accessing and completing the modules. This message will include a login and password unique to each student. In the past we’ve had some challenges with students deleting our messages because they didn’t recognize the sender. Please tell your students to be attentive to their email around this time so they don’t accidentally delete this important message.

How will I know my students are progressing in the program?
Jackie Sturdyvin will prepare grade reports for you once a month. This report will include the scores for each attempt at a quiz. Students must achieve a minimum of 80 percent on each quiz for them to have successfully completed the modules. They can take each quiz as many times as they need to in order to achieve this score. The report will also indicate at which date and time the student successfully completed all 8 modules. The reports allow you to monitor the progress of your students. Each school will also have two free registrations for faculty advisors to review the course—these are strictly for monitoring the course and will not be graded, receive a certificate of completion, or earn CE. We want you to have access to the course in the event that your students have questions and so you can see how it is structured. Please list your two faculty advisors in the highlighted cells on the spreadsheet.  

If you need your grade reports at specific times (for semester grades or based on your University’s academic calendar) please contact us and we will be happy to provide those to you based on your needs.

It is also up to you to provide the incentive for your students to complete the program. There are some schools whose students all consistently complete all of the modules; on the other hand there are other schools with less than stellar completion statistics.

Certificate of completion.
Upon successfully completing all of the modules, each student will be issued a digital certificate of completion. We will send all of these certificates directly to each school contact for distribution, rather than to each student personally. The certificates will be posted to box.com and you will be sent a link to access them. You can either print them out or email them to the students. This will allow you to handle the completion of the program as you see fit for your school. You may opt to have a small “celebration” of sorts and award the certificates at that point, or you could simply send them to the students with a congratulatory note. Because we monitor the progress of the students and will be sending you the certificates, there is no need for the students to send us a note when they complete the modules.

Other important notes.
While the modules that the students will have access to are the same modules that are available to practitioners who enroll in Veterinary Education Online (VEO) for CE credit, it is very important that your students understand that we are not able to offer them CE credit or academic credit for participation in this program. Please do not tell your students that they are participating in VEO; please refer to the program as Veterinary Dental Education Online. This program is meant to be an enhancement to the dental education they are already receiving at your school. Should you have a student that would like to include this program on their resume, please tell them to list it as “Veterinary Dental Education Online program.”

Again, if you have any questions, please reach out to me at this email cmzulauf@illinois.edu or call our office at 217-333-2907.

Crystal M. Zulauf
Associate Program Director of Continuing Education
University of Illinois | College of Veterinary Medicine
2001 S. Lincoln Ave. | Urbana, IL 61802
217-333-2907 | cmzulauf@illinois.edu