Thank You Dr. Michael Overend

Dr. Michael Overend steps down as Outreach Committee member having served for several years, authoring and stewarding many Initiatives


Mike Overend’s Accomplishments


In 2013 AVDS President Kevin Stepaniuk asked Mike to become involved with the Student Chapters of the AVDS.

In 2016 participated in the reorganization process that culminated in the creation of the FVD, representing general practitioners in the discussion.

In 2016 became a board member of the FVD and Chair of the Outreach Committee until he fulfilled his three-year board commitment.

Recipient of the President’s First Special Award in 2019

RCDEC: Creation and successful completion of the RCDEC Pilot Program at Tuskegee University, with the goal to benefit Tuskegee’s students, regional practitioners and the patients and clients they serve.
VDEO Online Course:
Interaction with the U of Illinois VDEO program with the goal and successful outcome of opening enrollment to all veterinary students globally.  This resulted in the ability for any student anywhere to access this dental education resource created by Dr. Sandy Manfra.
Student Chapters:
Original concept developed by Kevin Stepaniuk, who handed over to Mike to provide outreach to Student Chapters of the FVD, staying in touch with chapters and targeting faculty members,  emphasizing the importance of their role in establishing and maintaining these chapters.  Worked with Lou Brown in keeping track of schools that have registered or re-registered their chapters.
Student Involvement:
Worked with FVD Board and Matrix to provide low-cost student registration for the Forum to encourage student attendance.
Student Reception at the Forum:
Worked in conjunction with Heidi Lobprise and Matrix Management to organize and host a student reception at each year’s Forum.
FVD Thank You Card Fundraising Project:
Project goal was to provide revenue for the Outreach Committee and FVD General Fund.

Goal: To try to expand veterinary dental education opportunities to as many students as possible.

Dr. Overend was presented with a beautiful pen by Outreach Committee Chair, Carol Weldin. The pen was hand-crafted by Dr. Clarence Sitzman. The pen is made of wood maple burl and walnut burl bonded with white and black acrylic and made from a kit known as Majestic Junior, with the wood and acrylic polished to 12,000 grit. It was placed in a black leatherette case with gold trim for presentation.





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