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Lee County Domestic Animal Services Shelter with special thanks to the Make Me Smile Project hosted a training for their veterinarians and veterinary technicians December 16 and 17, 2021 on dental procedures and use of dental x-ray equipment. This training has been over four years in the making and is thanks to the Make Me Smile program from the Foundation for Veterinary Dentistry (

Dr. Ashley Oakes, a board-certified veterinary dentist, and Dr. Matthew Evans, a resident, from the Pet Dentist at Tampa Bay, donated their time and expertise for this training.

The training included a review of dental examination, normal dentition in dogs and cats, routine dental procedures, use of dental radiography, use of local anesthetics and other medications, as well as decisions on when and how to perform extractions and other dental procedures. Dr. Barry Rathfon, Chair of the MMSP Committee related that through the Make Me Smile program, the Foundation can “fulfill their mission to educate the public about the importance of oral health in animals, to advance the science of veterinary dentistry and support veterinary dental education.” This training was invaluable and an immeasurable asset to the degree of expertise the clinic staff can provide to animals in need of urgent dental care.  As Dr. Rathfon has stated, “the goal is to make shelter animals more adoptable through proper oral care”.

Special thanks go to Dentalaire Company for their generosity in helping to fulfill the mission.

Dr. Matthew Evans, Vet Tech Kody Kavanaugh, seated: Dr. Emma Morse

Vet Tech Mariah Hallihan, Dr. Ashley Oakes

Vet Tech Mariah Hallihan