MMS Mission 2022

Apr 5, 2024 | Make Me Smile, News

A MMSP mission was conducted at Ingham County Animal Control & Shelter, Mason, Michigan on October 13, 2022.  Dr. Katie Venet, the veterinarian who volunteered to conduct the mission, shared the following:

“I thought the mission went well and it was helpful that they had a clinical case and the availability of a cadaver for practice as well.”

Ingham County shelter veterinarian, Dr. Karen Worthington, also provided input related to the mission that was conducted:

“Just wanted to let you know that the dental training went really well and Dr. Venet was very helpful. We enjoyed the training and felt it was very beneficial.”

UPDATE on Dane County Humane Society (DCHS) MMSP Mission

Dr. Rathfon initially believed that the DCHS needed an in-house training and equipment replacement, based on their January 18-2019 application submitted to the MMSP. The Animal Operations Manager submitted the application to see about replacing equipment in their dental suite.

 However, in early 2022, following the Covid Pandemic hiatus, Dr. Rathfon contacted Dr. Wright, veterinarian in charge of care at the DCHS. Dr. Wright was most interested in having advanced training in Oral Surgery- Extraction procedures. The equipment issues had been resolved.

The DCHS has had a strong focus on education in partnership with the University of Wisconsin – Madison Shelter Medicine Program. Over the years they host 2 veterinary interns for 1-year rotations. They also host 2-3 4th year veterinary students for 2-week ambulatory rotations throughout the year.

Once Dr. Rathfon realized the connection with the University of Wisconsin Veterinary School he encouraged Dr. Wright to contact Dr. Jason Soukup, department head at the University of Wisconsin Dental Services.

Dr. Wright appreciated MMSP getting the ball rolling between DCHS and Dr. Soukup. The DCHS is in constant communication with UW for various reasons, but it hadn’t occurred to them to ask specifically about dental training. DCHS will probably begin sending the Shelter Medicine Residents to Dr. Soukup’s cadaver lab early next year for oral surgery training.

Since both Dr. Soukup and Dr. Wright have been working on arranging some CE in oral surgery, the MMSP no longer needs to send personnel to provide education in oral surgery. However, the MMSP has been a positive factor in improving proper oral care for adoptable pets in shelters.

Ingham County Animal Control Shelter Mission

The mission will be conducted on October 13, 2022

Dr. Katie Venet, Dr. Angel’s resident will be doing the lectures and hands-on training with the new Digital Radiology System- Dentalaire Complete Portable Imaging System which includes a Biox Handheld generator, DTX software, DTX sensor, and lifetime support, at-cost from Dentalaire International.

We currently have no other missions set up in 2022.

Barry L Rathfon, DVM

Chairman of MMSP