Make Me Smile Program In Action

Jan 8, 2020 | Articles, News, Recent Events

With the support of Dentalaire, iM3, Foundation donations and the generous efforts and time provided by Dr. Barry Rathfon and Dr. Deborah Hodesson, training was provided to Center Valley Animal Rescue in Quilcene, WA.

Dr. Rathfon wrote: The facility is excellent with very patient people with great skills and knowledge about dental care which they can now deliver competently with the excellent equipment donated by Dentalaire Products with Daniel Strange teaching the DTX system and David Leisten of iM3 delivering a workstation at cost with burs, elevator/luxators and other miscellaneous equipment.

Dr. Deborah Hodesson and I provided education and conducted a wet lab on one cat with stomatitis that needed full mouth extraction that two veterinarians performed with one technician doing the full mouth rads. (See the photos of folks working during the wet lab, provided by Sara Penhallegon.)

Veterinarians who participated in the training were: Dr. Jan Richards, Dr. Joel Cuthbert and Dr. Robert Nathan. They were assisted by RVT-Taylor Shaffer and Assistant-Tiffany Sullivan.

It was great for the staff and many animals will benefit from great care with our equipment and volunteers who donated their time and expense.

NOTE: The shelter staff have now completed procedures on two cats and two dogs!