Make Me Smile 2024

Jan 30, 2024 | News

The MMSP mission conducted on Sat 1-20-2024 was in support of the Auburn Valley Humane Society and held at their Northwest Spay & Neuter Center in Tacoma, WA, 6401 Pacific Ave Tacoma, WA 98408. (Dr. Emily Purvis is the Director of Veterinary Services and will send their PR releases to us once completed with photos etc.)

Dr. Amy Rossi and Nancy Stewart, LVT, RVT provided lectures and training in periodontal treatment to approximately 16 members of the staff at both locations which included veterinarians and technicians. Dr. Rossi has provided the following comment:

“The mission went well.  We had some lectures in the morning and then practiced radiographs in the afternoon. We did not do COHATS with the staff but went over all the steps. We and all the attendees had a good time”. 

Dr. Emily Purvis shared the following:

“I wanted to reach out to all of you and extend a gigantic thanks on behalf of the NWSNC and AVHS teams.  I have received so much positive feedback on the education event.  Dr. Rossi is an excellent teacher and creates such a welcoming and safe environment for learning.  Nancy is an incredibly patient trainer for x-rays, positioning, and industry best practice.  Everyone has been incredibly grateful for the opportunity. So many smiles and discussion even days after the event. The curriculum was perfect in teaching strong foundational learning for COHAT assessment and really left staff feeling confident and primed to take on additional learning.  I couldn’t have asked for a better day!”

Emily D. Purvis, DVM, MBA | Director of Veterinary Services
Auburn Valley Humane Society |
Northwest Spay & Neuter Center |
6401 Pacific Ave | Tacoma, WA 98408 | (253) 627-7729