June 2019 – COHAT

Jul 22, 2019 | Make Me Smile, News

Comprehensive Oral Health, Assessment and Treatment (COHAT)

In June 2019, MMSP Committee member Dr. Cindy Charlier, organized and provided training for the Chicago Anti-Cruelty Society  shelter assisted by her technician, Stacy Bell, CVT. Dr. Charlier and Stacy donated their time and facility for the training and Dentalaire Products International donated equipment without compensation from the MMSP budget or funds from the Chicago Anti-Cruelty Society.

In 2013 the Make me Smile program (MMSP) was organized in concert with the generosity of veterinary equipment manufacturer Dentalaire Products International. DPI provided equipment at cost which the MMSP budget covers as a donation to the shelters. Some shelters can buy the equipment at cost or donate to the Foundation for Veterinary Dentistry from their donors. Members of the MMSP Committee have volunteered training manpower at various animal shelters throughout the country, with these members providing their own flights, motel rooms and meals during the visit to the shelters. In the past six years the MMSP Committee has provided equipment and training to five animal shelters and one zoo clinic.

The program is designed to give shelter veterinarians and technicians training to provide comprehensive oral health, assessment and treatment (COHAT) of oral concerns for their animals that are being placed for adoption. A COHAT is conducted on one to two animals during the visit to act as a wet lab for the instruction received in the morning and to be sure the staff knows how to use the equipment. The COHAT is conducted under general anesthesia and assessment will be done with full mouth radiographs and physical examinations.