International VDEO 2019-2020

Aug 12, 2020 | Articles, News, Student News


Once again all 7 Australian Vet Schools enrolled volunteers in this program and for the first time a group of 46 participated from Massey University IN New Zealand

A total of 287 enrolled for the program which had 24/7 access from February until May.

Ultimately 90% of the participants completed the program.

The program consists of 8 modules. For each module there is written material, pictures, power-points and videos. After all of this material is reviewed a quiz is undertaken for each module. To successfully pass the module a score of at least 80% is required.

158 of those who successfully completed the course scored 8 perfect 100%’s ie 55% of all participants.
These figures compare very well to last years group of 200 participants, 80% completion and 10% perfects

I am confident the program will run again for 2020/21. Some of those who didn’t complete the last course have re-enrolled in Program 2 of 2020.

Class representatives have been identified for Program 1 of 2021, once again including Massey, and as soon as the future dates are formally announced they will commence recruitment of participants.

This program has now also spread further internationally. The countries involved so far are Peru, Chile, S. Korea and Argentina as well as ( courtesy of superb input from fellow Outreach Committee person Hanny Retzkin ) Israel, Turkey and Jordan.

Rod Salter
International VDEO Coordinator

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