Foundation Grant Awards

Mar 23, 2021 | News

The Foundation for Veterinary Dentistry Board and Grants Committee would like to extend its appreciation to all of the talented researchers that submitted proposals for the 2021 Grants cycle. Despite the many challenges of the past year, the Grants Committee saw a significant uptick in the number of research proposals received, and the Committee reviewed a record-setting number of proposals. The Foundation is pleased to have seen such strong growth in the awareness of its global mission to advance the science of veterinary dentistry and oral surgery. The quality of the reviewed proposals was truly outstanding, competition was high, and the challenge in selecting winners among so many deserving projects was a challenge for the Committee.

On behalf of the Grants Committee, the Board is pleased to announce the 2021 Foundation for Veterinary Dentistry Research Grant winners:

Drs. Jamie Anderson, Sharon Hoffman, Dawn Kingsbury and Holly Ganz, and their project titled – Feline chronic gingivostomatitis microbiome: biogeography and assessment in inflammatory disease states.

Drs. Meagan Brophy Rau, Lindsay Donnelly and Aaron Ericsson, and their project titled – Evaluation of the oral microbiome and periodontal disease as a risk factor for bacterial translocation following routine dental procedures in dogs.

Top: Dr. Dawn Kingsbury, Dr. Holly Ganz, Bottom: Dr. Meagan Brophy Rau, Dr. Jamie Anderson