Dental Scholarships Awarded

Feb 22, 2021 | Articles, News, Student News

Dr. Dick and Jeannie Reierson
Award Veterinary Dental Scholarships

Dr. Reierson and his wife, Jeannie, generously award scholarships to Minnesota veterinary students with an interest in veterinary dentistry. The Reierson’s started these dentistry scholarships with THREE $12,000 scholarships awarded in 2020. They established this scholarship program through the University of Minnesota Veterinary Medical Foundation. These scholarships are awarded to second, third or fourth-year Minnesota veterinary medical students interested in veterinary dentistry with financial need and good scholastic standing. In February 2021, the Reierson’s announced they have awarded FOUR $12,000 scholarships to University of Minnesota veterinary medical students. (Applicants must meet the minimum criteria above as well as submit a short essay of 200 words or less that describes their interest in veterinary dentistry.)

A huge thank you to the Reierson’s for their amazing support of veterinary dentistry!

Mike Overend, DVM
Outreach Committee