The Foundation owes its existence to the early pioneers of veterinary dentistry who saw a need and joined together to bring awareness to animal suffering and undetected dental disease.  Without these dedicated men and women the Foundation for Veterinary Dentistry would not be touching the lives of animals, providing outreach and clinical education for students, and sharing with the world the need for appropriate oral diagnosis and treatment. 

  • 2005

    First meeting at the Veterinary Dental Forum

  • 2006

    Initially a part of the American Veterinary Dental Society, the Foundation became their own 501(c)(3) organization. The name was changed to FVD.

  • 2007
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    Articles of Incorporation 2/12/2007 Representatives were appointed from each association

  • 2009
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    Fundraising was underway with annual auctions.

  • 2015
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    Meeting of the North American Veterinary Dental Organizations began for collaboration into one entity. This pivotal meeting was held in Orlando, Florida.

  • 2016
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    Veterinary Dental Forum and AVDS merge with the Foundation for Veterinary Dentistry